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Mayor Liu Ge'an of Zhangjiajie City and his delegation came to our company for investigation


On the afternoon of May 24, 2018, before the "National Science and Technology Workers' Day" came, Mayor Liu Ge'an of Zhangjiajie Municipal People's Government visited our technical center for investigation and inspection. Company General Manager Wu Haikun and General Manager Assistant Liang Yuan received Mayor Liu One line.

        During the investigation, Mr. Wu and Mr. Liang gave Mayor Liu a detailed introduction to the company's work in cultivating high-tech talents and technological innovation, as well as the company's "leading" position in the industry. Mayor Liu expressed his appreciation for the work done by our scientific and technological talents and technological innovation, and expressed condolences to the main scientific research personnel of the center. He pointed out that Zhangjiajie has abundant characteristic biological resources and unique natural scenery in the world. Enterprises should combine Zhangjiajie's advantageous resources, introduce and train talents, and promote technological innovation to promote the rapid development of the industry with the help of the tourism market. He emphasized that Jiurui Biotechnology must vigorously promote the research and achievement of green and environmentally friendly processes, and use technological innovation as the leader to expand the industry and expand the market. In the end, he also said: The municipal party committee and the municipal government will support the relocation work of Jiurui Biotechnology as much as possible.

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