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Dye Tannic acid

Dye Tannic acid

Product Name: Dye Tannic acid

Alias: Tannic acid, tannin, gallic tannin

Molecular formula: C 76 H 52 O 46

Molecular weight: 1701.18

CAS NO: 1401-55-4

Property: This product is light yellow to light brown powder with special odor and extremely astringent taste; it is soluble in 1 part of water or ethanol, soluble in acetone, and insoluble in chloroform or ether.

Quality Index: The product meets the national standard LY/T 1300-2005.

Uses/Method of use: Used as fixing agent, mordant, fiber deodorant and synthetic dye in textile printing and dyeing.

Storage: Avoid moisture and light, sealed tightly                           

Packing: paper drum lined plastic bag, net weight 25 kg per drum

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