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Beer brewing tannins (brewing style)

Beer brewing tannins (brewing style)

brewing edible tannins

CAS NO: 1401-55-4

It is a high-purity tannic acid extracted from Gallnut by pure physical method.

It is suitable for the various stages of beer brewing before fermentation, post storage and filtration.

It can selectively adsorb the polymer alkaline, sulfur-containing and hydrophobic sensitive proteins in beer,

Reduce aldehydes in beer and enhance the antioxidant capacity of beer.

Improve beer non-biological stability and flavor stability.

Main component characteristics :


Light yellow granular powder 


(G/100g dry basis content)>97%     

Gallic acid:

Less than 0.4%     

Heavy metals:

Less than 15ppm  

Loss on drying:

Less than 10%



PH (1:10 alcohol solution):


Dissolved in water:

Clear and transparent, no precipitation impurities   

Gum experiment:


Dextrin experiment:



Need to use deoxygenated brewing water or distilled water to prepare a 5-10% tannin solution before use. Use metered addition to add the diluted tannin solution to the wine pipeline before the wort enters the fermentation tank; or in the temporary storage tank after fermentation; or before the final filtration, into the wine pipeline before the buffer tank. Recommended dosage: 10-30ppm; the dosage is different for different parts.

Preparation method :

Use a stainless steel container or a plastic container, pour deoxygenated water or distilled water at room temperature, and stir quickly. When a vortex is formed, slowly pour the brewing tannin into the container, and stir while pouring to make it completely dissolved to 20- 25% solution. Before use, dilute to 5-10% solution. Try to avoid contact with oxygen. Avoid using iron, aluminum and other containers and utensils.

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